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Nordic Ware Quiche and Tart Pan

$ 25.95

Nonstick Rectangle Tartlet Custard Quiche Pastry Pie Pan Loose Base

$ 14.24

Nonstick 10" Loose Bottom Bakeware Tart Quiche Baking Pan

$ 10.03

Non-Stick Round Fluted Flan Tin Quiche Pan with Loose Base

$ 9.96

Non-stick Pie Tart Pan Baking Mould Removable Loose Bottom Quiche Pan

$ 7.87

Non-stick 9 Inch Fluted Pizza Pan Quiche Removable Loose Bottom

$ 12.49

While many people prefer only to sweeten their pallet with an assortment of pies and tarts, there are those among us who prefer the refined taste the only quiche can provide. What is quiche? Think pie, but the filling is composed of mainly of a mixture of eggs, milk or cream, and cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables, making a delightfully savory alternative to their sweet cousins.

However, while quiches and pies are similar, true cooks will realize that the tools used to make one cannot be used to make the other (well, not perfectly at least). And when it comes to baking, you need the right kind of pan to pull the dish off.

That’s where we come in.


About Us

QuichePans.com is all about supplying you with the right quiche pan for the job. It’s that simple. We’ve got pans in all sizes, in all types, in all the materials, and all shapes. In short, if it’s a quiche pan you need, we’ve got you covered. And trust us, you NEED a quiche pan if you plan to make a quiche that’ll be perfectly baked and filled to the brim with any filling of your choice.


Why Buy Quiche Pans

Making a quiche without a pan is practically impossible. You can’t give the quiche it’s shaping without a container to spread the pastry base in since the pastry only becomes firm after baking.

However, a regular baking tin that you might use for baking a cake is no substitute for a proper quiche pan (trust us, you don’t want to go through the nightmare of getting the quiche out of the tin).

Quiche pans not only make sure the pastry is cooked properly along with the filling inside it, but they’re designed in such a way that the quiche baked inside can easily be removed from the tin and served on its outside of a container. Because really, who wants to serve quiche with the pan still attached to it.

The Different Kind of Quiche Pans

Quiche pans differ from each other, mostly on their size, shape, material, and type (one-piece and two-piece). While the first two don’t have an effect on the baking/plating procedure (and are self-explanatory), the material used to make the pan and its type do affect the quiche considerably.

The two most commonly used materials for making quiches are ceramic and metal, with ceramic offering a crispier crust after a good bake as compared to their metal counterparts.

On the other hand, metal pans are commonly available as two-piece pans, meaning their bottom can be separated from the sides to allow for quick and easy plating. Ceramic pans usually don’t offer you this luxury, meaning getting that first slice out might be a little tough.



Regardless of whether you choose a ceramic pan for a crispier crust or a metal one for its ease of use, we’ve got you covered. Buy any one of our offered pans, and your quiche will always come out right.