The Origin And Evolution Of Quiche


Many people hear about quiche and arrive at the erroneous assumption that the delicacy is not suited for a strong male. The reason for the ridiculous bias is hinged on the fact that it is often prepared as a vegan delicacy.


However, it should be noted that this notion about quiche is becoming obsolete. Saying that, the delicacy of the quiche has evolved into many tasty variations and can prepare for meat lovers and veggie lovers alike.

At this juncture, it is only right that we explore the origins of quiche and how to prepare it using quiche pan, as well as how it has evolved over the years.


When you attempt to find its origin, you would be confronted with a very mystifying scenario. Some would argue that which is, in fact, a German delicacy while others would argue that it is French. In actuality, it was prepared as a form of cake in Germany at about 900-1100 AD in a place known as Lothringen.


It should be noted that the region of Lothringen was not exactly German or French as there were times where the location was considered French and times when the location was considered German.

The basic preparation of quiche would simply require, eggs, cream, and German back sides of pork. As the delicacy evolved Gruyere became a part of the meal.


The Post-WW2 era saw the rise of quiche in Britain and this trend soon caught on in the US in the 60’s. Just as you’d expect, the delicacy began to undergo a variety of modifications in the US and this has led to the creation of an extensive variety of quiche delicacies. For insight on how to prepare homemade quiche, here are all of the ingredients you’d require.



  • One piece of puff pastry dough.
  • One bag of baby spinach is rinsed, desiccated, and minced.
  • One cup of gruyere.
  • Four cuts of prepared bacon.
  • One-quarter cup of diced onion.
  • One-and-half of three eggs and seasoning.


The process would begin with getting your dough to have the desired shape. Then you stir your eggs and pleat the dough.


Prepare your spinach and diced onions with cheese and then spread some of your diced bacon before adding your egg blend and finish up by incorporating some more cheese.

Send your mini quiche pan into the oven to simmer. When it is ready, you wait for the heat to dissipate before chopping.


It is okay to use bacon and ham when preparing your quiche. It should be noted that both of the aforementioned ingredients are quite popular in the preparation of quiche. However, it is expected that you well acquainted with the recipe that is suited to different ingredients.

Always remember to have the right quiche pan and make sure you follow the recipe wisely. Quiche is a delicacy that gives room for experimentations so feel free to explore.

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